Our Services
After sales services and technical support are very important to us and they have a primary role in our business policy:
Technical support will be given either on new and used equipment and its covering is widespread in Italy, using either mobile and fixed workshops with highly skilled personnel all around Country.
Primary services offered by Mecom are, among others:

  • Skilled labour on every kind of body work thanks to Ecogest S.R.L di Casarano (LE);
  • Original parts for every equipment, both used and new; during the warranty period the parts are shipped in 24 working hours from the request;
  • Consultancy;
  • Trade-ins of customer's used equipment and/or selling consultancy for your own used equipment (please contact us for more info);
  • Partial or total reconditioning of your equipment;
  • Tri-annual acceptance tests for tanks (mandatory in Italy and E.U.);
  • Acceptance test for tanks undergoed modifying or significant repair work;