Our Partners
Mecom cooperates since 2013 with Ecogest Ltd, a very important trading partner in the ecological equipment field.
Starting from November 2017, Mecom Ltd becomes a subsidiary of the Farid Industrie S.p.A brand thanks to ECOGEST Ltd.
Mecom Ltd is a distributor of HPP pumps and spare parts.
Mecom Ltd collaborates with PTC Ltd, company that works in the field of high pressure cleaning equipments for over 30 years. Particulary we propose: Automatic CanalJet equipments WHALE and MOSES, Hot water groups for thermal weeding TORPEDO COMPACT, ECOCOMPACT and SKID, Automatic Vaccum Groups VORTEX.
Mecom Ltd works closely with SIMAI S.p.A, a leading company in the design and construction of electric tractors and horizontal movement floor conveyors, becoming one of the main players in Europe of this specific sector. As of 2016, the company is part of Toyota Material Handling Europe.
HYGIENIC CART was born from a project born in 2013 by our Engineer Barbieri, a compact equipment with automatic system that allows the shopping carts to be sanitized from viruses and bacteria in just five seconds. Produced in Salerno, it is marketed by HYGIENIC Srl, a company formed by the historic MECOM group, to which is added the company specialized in maintenance and services Berenato & Garro.
CB Solution, by means of meticulous Eng. Claudio Barbieri, carries out an important function for MECOM srl in the center and north of Italy.
Claudio takes care of all our customers along this vast territory, supplying them with assistance during the search for the best equipment matching their needs and with sales and repairing consultancy.
He takes also care of the delivery of our new and used equipment to customers and after-sales services.
Mecom Ltd has for several years been associated with ASPI (National Association of companies operating in the maintenance and purification of sewerage and water supply) and makes use of its valuable collaboration to solve many problems that current (constantly evolving) regulations place on customers. In addition, all ASPI associates can benefit from special discounts and favorable terms for purchasing new or used vehicles.
Mecom Ltd collaborates with the company Silibia Ltd, historical leader in the field of construction and preparation of industrial vacuums equipments
Thanks to the agreement signed with AMPR Ltd,a young company formed by technicians of excellence in the design and construction of special equipment for ecology, MECOM Srl back strongly in the world of construction, with special tailor-made fittings for our most loyal customers, and in particular: Bleeding black wells Equipment combined also in ADR and ATEX regime Industrial vacuum cleaners Mini Combined Equipements from 35 to 75 Q.ls Canal jet Street Cleaners and fire-fighting first aid Tanks for the transport of drinking water Washing Bins equipments Trailers and semi-trailers for transport and vacuum Wheeled groups electrically and petrol-driven for: decanting and draining High pressure washes Suction of liquids and slurry.
Mecom Ltd is very glad to offer to its best customers a wonderful week-end stay at Corte di Ferro resort. Enjoy it and relax discovering wonderful Apulia cuisine's tastes and scents and its breathtaking landscapes. Making business with us is not only business....